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 The University of Guelph Beekeeping has some of the best videos on beekeeping.  Use this page as a starting point in your studies

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Feeding Honeybees

 Colony Management


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 Comb Honey Production



What Is Wrong with my Bees?


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12/19/2019:  Death and Taxes


Life cycle of the Lady Bug


Reduce Your Property Taxes with Honey Bees

Deadline is 2/29/2024


Beekeeping Classes

New Class Postings & Live Streaming


The Classes on 11/21 and 12/3  will cover the NM Ag exemption for honeybees to help reduce property taxes for those who own properties that exceed 1.5 acres. We will help bring together new beekeepers with land owners who would like to get the exemption.  We will Live stream each class and post on YouTube for those who cannot attend.




Oxalic Acid to Control Varroa Mites
Introducing a Nucleus Colony
Single Brood Chamber

Supering Hives
Splitting Hives


Best Management Practices
for Bee Health -
A Guide for Beekeepers


Two Queen Hive Management With Package Bees


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American Honey Bee Farmer


American Honey Producers Association




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Reduce Your Property Taxes with Honey Bees 

a video has been posted at this link from the Albuquerque Beekeeping Class 2017



The Bee Health app is based on current scientific knowledge to address honey bee diseases and pests. It is a handy resource to help beekeepers and other users to detect, diagnose, manage and treat honey bee diseases and pests. It includes pictures and treatment options which will aid beekeepers in adopting appropriate pest management practices. Thus, beekeepers can improve bee health and enhance on-farm food safety and biosecurity practices in their operations.

Download the free Bee Health app from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry today.Click Here


 Bee Removal and Swarm Removal 

in your home, yard, or any place on your property?  We have 50 years of beekeeping experience and are licensed for pest control.  Check out our page on swa
rms and removing bees.


Dealing with an Africanized Bee Hive


More on Swarms here

Swarm Prevention -

Removing brood and giving it to another hive

Catching a Swarm that is Leaving:

Bee Swarms In Orchard Part 1


Bee Swarm That Was Leaving Part 2

Lighting a smoker the quick and easy way

One Step Towards Swarm Prevention

Beekeeping Classes




Class Schedule


Beekeeping Classes


5 new classes have been added


Max's Bees Part 1


This is a video about a Top Bar Hive that has turned aggressive.  It is moved to a remote location and the honey and brood removed and the hive prepared to be converted to a Langstroth Hive and given a new queen.


Max's Bees Part 2

This is a continution of Part 1.  We cannot find the queen so a queen excluder is attached to the bottom of the super, elevated and the bees shaken in front of the hive.  We are preparing it to receive a new queen.

Max's Bees 3 

This is a continution of Part 1 & 2.  We have prepared the hive it to receive a new queen.  A queen is not available so we have taken a frame of eggs and young larva from a 2012 Carniolan Breeder queen and will insert it in the brood nest and then give the hive a 50/50 sugar water to help it get started.


Out of Print Beekeeping Books

Cornell University

E.F. Phillips Beekeeping Library



Emergency Assistance for

Honeybee Loss




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Bee Removal



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Beekeeping Classes




Educational Videos

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How Packaged Bees Are Produced


Beekeeping Archives

George Imirie's Pink Pages




Our honey is produced in various yards throughout NM and Colorado. 


Our primary yards are in Albuquerque, Belen, Corrales, Edgewood, Las Cruces, Los Lunas,  Alcalde and Taos




Honey Bee Swarms

Swarm Removal

Bee Removal


Bumble bees, yellow jackets paper wasps, ground nesting bees and honey bees



Again for 2023:  


Honey and bee pollen by zip code in Albuquerque and surrounding area.  Click here for more information.  Where to Buy Honey & Pollen by Zip Code


Educational Videos


Feeding Bees

Mary and Bill's Bees

Swarm Prevention

Where we get the Lumber for the Products we make

Feeding and Adding Supers for Expansion of the Brood Nest (Chamber)

Drone Comb Removal to Reduce Varroa Mites

Inspecting a hive that was formerly a Tear Out

Educational Papers

Supplemental Feeding of Honey Bee Colonies

Colony Collapse Disorder:

A Descriptive Study


Taking Orders for 2024


5 Frame Nuc



5 Frame Nucs ($300).  Nucs are placed in a 10 frame Hive body and include a 2024 queen, 4 frames which are a combination of drawn comb with bees, brood, honey (nectar in various stages of ripening), and pollen. One Frame is blank to allow the hive to expand.  The queen will be a newly installed 2024 queen from the Hawaiian Queen Company and will have a proven brood pattern.  We will ship the nucs in a 10 frame hive body with inner cover, temporary travel lid and a screened bottom board. This equipment will save you money on your hive set up and if you ever need to move your hive use our travel screen. To place an order call Lou at 505-286-4843.


Below is how we ship our nucs and single hives. The screened bottom has a 1.25" opening that can be closed with the yellow cap. We have found that bees in transport will cluster at the bottom of the hive or transport box. If there is not enough room to accommodate the bees and they will block the ventilation screens and suffocate. Notice the foil on the top of the frames. This will fill in any voids between the super and the lid to prevent bee escape and also keep the bees from attaching the lid to the frames with bees wax and propolis. When the bees arrive to their destination you can remove the plug and let them fly until ready to place on their new base. If it needs to be moved again just place the plug back in at dark or early morning and they are ready to move. See our secure website at https//www.nmhoney.com for the types of bees we sell and everything you need to learn about beekeeping.


Ask about our delivery routes this year. I will send you an email with details. Send an email to ed@nmhoney.com




To order Bees click here



We have taken the risk out of installing package bees for you in a nuc and have insured that the queen is a good laying queen with a good brood pattern.   When installing package bees there is a risk that the bees will act like a swarm and leave the hive after a few days.  With the presence of open brood, the bees will not leave.  All you need to do is transfer the contents of the nuc to your Langstroth equipment.  You may also keep your bees in the nuc for several weeks before transferring.  We treat all nucs for varroa mites in late March and early April unless you ask us not to do so. 


Availability of BEES are all dependent on WEATHER and other factors which are out of our control.  


What is Bee Pollen?  See Bee Pollen Chemical Composition and Therapeutic Application


Orders are taken by phone:  505-286-4843

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We do not offer refunds on orders of package bees, nucs or nucs in a hive .  If you are not able to pick up your bees or accept delivery we will continue to hold the bees for you in a nuc or a single hive until a time when you can take receipt of them.  If you are transferring your order to another person please send us a notice of transfer.  Remember that PACKAGED BEES, QUEENS, Nucs and Hives is dependent on WEATHER and other factors which are out of our control.

 Orders are taken by phone:  505-286-4843

(click here to order by email)



What is Bee Pollen?  See Bee Pollen Chemical Composition and Therapeutic Application


Spring, Summer and fall 2023:  honey and bee pollen by zip code in Albuquerque and surrounding area.  


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