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   A Year in the Life of an Apiary

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Swarm Prevention,

While working hives at one of our apiaries we noticed a hive where the bees began to cluster on the front of the hive.  What was the reason?  Preparation for swarming, over crowding or over heating?  We take a look into this hive and correct the problems.

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Bee Removal and Swarm Removal  Bees in your home, yard, or any place on your property?  We have 50 years of beekeeping experience and are licensed for pest control.  Check out our page on swarms and removing bees.


Swarm Exiting Hive


Swarm Landing in an Orange Tree


Catching a Swarm that is Leaving: Part 1


Catching a Swarm That Was Leaving Part 2

Bee Swarm that was Leaving - Next Day Part 3


Catching a Swarm That Was Leaving Part 4

Relocating Swarm to a new location



A Spot For Our New Swarm Part 5

Swarm Prevention - Removing brood and giving it to another hive

Shaking a Swarm to the Ground Part 1


Shaking a Swarm to the Ground - This Swarm Did Not Stay in The Box Part 2


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