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The largest swarm Louella and I have ever caught was from our own bee hives.  This is approximately 50,000 bees


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Detailed List of Bee Removal Considerations


Dealing with an Africanized Bee Hive




Honey Bee Swarms


Swarm Removal


Bee Removal

(Bumble bees, 

yellow jackets,

paper wasps,

ground nesting bees and honey bees)




We remove unwanted bees from any structure or location.  We guarantee our work for 30 days.  We will also seal entry points to prevent future problems.  The average cost for nest removal is $195.00.   Call us at 505-286-4843 or on our cell phone at 505-688-6210.


The following page will give you detailed information to consider before choosing what method you should take to rid yourself of this unwanted problem:  Detailed List of Bee Removal Considerations



Common mistakes people make:

Sealing bees in structures before they are 100% exterminated will result in thousands of bees entering the structure.  Bees will crawl towards light.  There are many cracks in even the most secure structure (such as light fixtures) that bees will fly to.


Purchasing insect sprays from hardware stores and trying to spray the nest.  Special chemicals need to be inserted with special equipment deep down into the nest in order to exterminate the hole nest.  This specialized equipment is not available except through chemical dealers at a very high cost.


Not protecting themselves properly.  Bees, when disturbed will attack to protect the nest.  Depending the aggressiveness of the colony will determine how aggressively the guard bees will attack.  If the bees have the aggressive traits of the Africanized bees they may attack with up to 50% of the bees in the nest.  This can mean as many as 20-30,000 bees attacking you with the intent to drive you away as far as possible.


Throwing rocks at the nest is a step worse than trying to exterminate the bees with protective clothing.  Bees that have been aggravated will remain this way for several days, attacking any moving object that passes by the nest.




New:       Honey Bee Swarms and  Swarm Removal

Bee Removal (Bumble bees, yellow jackets,

paper wasps, ground nesting bees and honey bees)



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