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Supplemental Feeding of Honey Bee Colonies


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     Queen Rearing

     Requeening A Hive

     Thirties Beekeeping -

          Hiving a Package



Videos on other pages:


     Package Bee Production

     Installing Package Bees

     Releasing A Queen


   A Year in the Life of an Apiary

     - Part 1

     - Part 2

     - Part 3


Bee Biology & Equipment

     - Part 1

     - Part 2



Educational Videos


Feeding and Adding Supers for Expansion of the Brood Nest (Chamber)

What is one way to effectively expand the brood nest?  This video shows how to add frames in a manner that will encourage the hive to quickly expand the brood nest.  We are also encouraging the hive to increase in numbers in advance of a nectar flow.


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How to reduce your Property Taxes with Honey Bees


Educational Videos


How Packaged Bees Are Produced


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Our honey is produced in various yards throughout NM and Colorado. 


Our primary yards are in Albuquerque, Belen, Corrales, Edgewood, Las Cruces, Los Lunas,  Alcalde and Taos




Honey Bee Swarms

Swarm Removal

Bee Removal

Bumble bees, yellow jackets,

paper wasps,

ground nesting bees and

honey bees


Again for 2018:  


Honey and bee pollen by zip code in Albuquerque and surrounding area.  Click here for more information.  Where to Buy Honey & Pollen by Zip Code






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