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Beekeeping Class


No Classes Scheduled at this Time



Fee:  $100.00 to cover conference room and expenses



The goal of this class is to help establish beekeepers who want to make money with bees.  We will teach the best beekeeping techniques that will allow the beekeeper to make a full crop of honey in the first few months of spring 2017 (April - May),  then be able to divide their hives for hive increase or to sell nucs and hives to customers.  


We are commercial beekeepers and have been keeping bees for 53 years.  I am getting close to retiring and want to phase out of the commercial end of beekeeping.  I am willing to pass on our techniques and access to our customers who want nucs and single hives.  This class will have emphasis towards those who want to start their own business in addition to helping those who are becoming first time beekeepers. 


Below is a class agenda.  We will begin registration at 8:30 A.M. and begin the classes at 9:00 A.M.  We will cover the classes in the order you see below and break for refreshments about every hour.  We will take questions throughout the class and will diverge from time to time.  We will break for lunch, but Louella and I will remain to answer any questions. You may bring a lunch if you like and stay and ask questions.  Please bring note taking material and your favorite tea to drink with our various varieties of honey.  We will have a coffee machine with individual K-Cups of Starbucks coffee.  There is no cost for the class.


You may order bees, products and purchase honey at the class.




8:30 9:00 Sign in & welcome
9:00 11:00 We will actively work in the Bee Yard with bee hives.  The bee yard is less than 1/2 mile away so we will drive over in our cars.  Protective equipment is a must.
11:00 12:00 Break for Lunch
12:00 1:00 Starting with Bees, Why keep bees; Who can bees; Where to keep bees; What bees need; Various types of hive to keep bees in; Products of the hive; Types of bees - what is best for you;  Types of hives - what is best for you and your bees;  What do you really need to start keeping bees; Types of bees - what is best for you; Where to purchase bees and bee supplies;  A review of the various beekeeping supplies and how they are used;
1:00  2:00 Installing package bees;  Problems with package bees; what to watch for after installation;     Setting up your hive; Working with bees; protective clothing; how to use a smoker, hive tool and various equipment
2:00 3:00 Feeding Bees Swarms; Swarm prevention; Bees on a shoestring; Capturing bees; problems with swarms
3:00 3:15 Break
3:15 4:00 Nucleus (nucs) hives, single hives and double deeps
4:00 5:00 Special and various topics (see below):
  What do I do next
  Products of the hive
Financial benefits of keeping bees 
Bees and tax benefits and the reporting of income
Agricultural exemption for property tax
Harvesting products from the hive
Marketing and selling products from the hive
Adding additional space for bees
Pests and diseases of the hive and how to prevent and treat
Increasing your hives and growing your business
Raising Queens and how packages and nucs are made
What do I need to do to prepare for winter
What do I do different for the second and third year
Moving bees and other miscellaneous subjects of interest